Why Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a healthcare modality that is growing in importance. While hypnosis has been used in a therapeutic way for many years, hypnotherapy is becoming increasingly valuable as practitioners begin to fulfill a need for effective relief from many issues in a timely fashion. For example, psychotherapy can address some issues, but in many instances requires an extensive course of treatment. Equally, some medical conditions can be alleviated with the use of hypnosis, and due to either high costs or wait times, orthodox medicine is seen as having failed to provide a solution.

Many medical professionals acknowledge that increasing strains on the medical system have compromised many forms of treatment. Hypnotherapy is one modality that is well positioned to be able to contribute a viable alternative. In recent opinion polls many users of health care services acknowledge that they consider medical doctors to be either disinterested in their patients, or unwilling to listen to their concerns. Most alternative healthcare providers, on the other hand, were reported to have had an open mind and deep interest in their clients conditions. As a result many individuals feel their needs may be better met by exploring alternative methods of treatment.

A further, and deciding factor for many individuals is the issue of pharmacy. The addictive nature of many prescription drugs, the often undocumented side effects, and the long term negative impact of pharmacy is a growing concern to many people requiring assistance. As a non-pharmaceutical solution, hypnosis is seen as a safe alternative.

Typical issues that may be overcome or improved with hypnosis are:

Anxiety related issues
Confidence and self image issues
Weight issues
Eating disorders
Chronic pain
Fertility issues
Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation
Quitting smoking
Improving relationship skills
Overcoming separation and divorce concerns
And many others.

You should thoroughly explore your therapists website to get an understanding of their level of competence. You should also be aware that while alternative healthcare practitioners are have a valuable contribution to make, they in no way replace the need for objective medical advice.

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