Training Institutions

There are two levels of hypnosis training available in BC.  Basic practitioner level training provides the basic knowledge to operate as a basic level hypnotherapist.  While this is covered by a broad range of descriptions it is essentially an unregulated practice, and therefore the designations available are of a mixed value. Regardless, the training provided is the initial stage for most practitioners.

Basic training costs about $4000, and generally involves part time study for 10 months to a year. There are courses that fast track this process. Other courses offer a more modular approach and can be staggered according to finances and other factors.

Advanced training is available locally from Vancouver Hypnotherapy Scool Inc. and is available to those already holding a practitioners designation. This level of training involves practical education in specifics of anxiety, addiction and eating disorders and is regulated by the Technical Hypnotherapy Association.  Holders of this level of training are typically able to charge more for their services and have completed 3 month internships with Vancouver Hypnotherapy Inc., or Vancouver Addiction Centre.

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